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do you ever wonder how sd cards work


No…its technology who the heck needs to know


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I mean, i dont think you do. This information will not have any practical help to you. But sobeit


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@snartyy all sd cards and any digital storage devices work like this. Electricity jolts into a socket either pushing it in or out. Mind you these “sockets” or transistors save the fact that they are pushed in or out. In means 1, out means 0. Enough 1’s and 0’s give you a string of binary that is a blueprint for what you have on it. A few million/billion bits or 1/0’s give you a picture or a text document. SD cards and ssds along with other “flash” storage can get worn out after use but do not have moving parts like your standard hdd or hard drive disk. This means it is faster, less prone to fail, and lasts longer than standard HDD’s.

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