Sweet Tea



Just a small question… when you order sweet tea at a restaurant, do you actually order the sweet tea, or do you order unsweetened tea and sweeten it yourself with Splenda, etc…?


I don’t get tea, but if I were to, I would order sweet tea because it’s easy work. They’re hired to put the sugar in my damn tea, not me.


Some people just don’t do it right. It’s not that hard but some people still make it not sweet enough or too sweet.


i drink more sweet tea than water tbh, and usually i have them sweeten it for me, but half of the time they dont and i just add the packets. Its really no biggie.


Im a coffee guy…just me? :coffee:


Same, mate! :smile:


Heck yeah!! I love coffee too, I actually don’t drink hot tea, iced tea is my thing so my hot drink of choice is coffee.