Well i went to mcdonalds today and i ordered a Orignal Angus Beef Burger (meal) and i asked for no onions on the burger but… my auntie was yelling at the workers to get my younger cousin a grilled cheese sandwich (grilled cheese sandwiches have been discontinued) anyways point is she got her grilled cheese sandwich after yelling at the worker for 5 minutes and we went and payed and went to the window and got our food, Now i opened my burger and theres not only onions on it but i took a bit and realised there was no patty… we went back to mcdonalds and got my patty and the workers were laughing so im pretty sure this was the work of payback…



What country?


Probably 'Merica.


This is great lmao, they don’t get paid enough to deal with customer unsatisfaction.




i thought people in canada were supposed to be super nice :thinkingfast:


Just an stereotype


What province? I wouldn’t be surprised if this happened in Quebec or Alberta…

Especially Alberta.


I live in alberta XD lmao


Called it.