Has the Need for Speed franchise died?



I havent heard from Need for Speed in a long time and Im sure most of you dont play it. What are your reasons you quit the genre or why do you think it has disappeared?

Yes i did play the latest NFS on PS4 and I loved the graphics.



Not sure on this one, all I know is that it was a damn good franchise, definitely my favorite on original consoles. Great post :+1:


The game does have some relevancy in Japan because EA has released an e-sports only edition called Payback. Outside of Asia, Need for Speed will be heading to its grave with the lack of development, freshness, and generosity to the playerbase. RIP Need for Speed.


I think Need For Speed Most Wanted was the last NFS game anyone actually wanted. I know the pursuit remake was a let down, but the Hot Pursuit series was fucking :fire:


Most wanted was definitely the best game in the Need for Sped series


it has died sadly despite how fun the games were and microtransactions werent present :pensive:


Honestly, just never got into racing games. Seemed mundane and totally easy (it was super fucking hard to me)