Fortnite vs PUBG



Fortnite i can appreciate for making the battle royale genre mainstream again for the first time. Pop culture got into and then it got famous with celebs like Drake playing with Twitch celeb Ninja. Its basically a clusterfuck of hypebeasts and celebs. The gameplay is fun but repetitive like all battle royale games. I don’t have a preference bcuz Im a jack of all trades.

What does blinq think?


battle royal is trendy trash like CoD multiplayer was when it first started.

That said, Pubg is the only reason Fortnite exists, and Fortnite feels like a slapped together mobile game from the graphics to the gameplay, ultimate uninspired in totality (and don’t say “but you can build” thats the least inspired part)

everyone just gets their nuts up about battle royals because competitive multiplayer hasn’t had a single worthwhile innovation since Goldeneye.


PUBG is that hardcore cousin that spends his time playing the electric guitar and sipping Stella Artois.

Fortnite is that little cousin that stays at your house for 6 months talking about how he got a pink slip for putting a whoopie cushion on his teacher’s chair and playing Temple Run.


Fortnite- The cartoon like Battle Royale for the casuals and it’s easy to run.

PUBG- The hardcore almost military sim that requires a fucking quantum computer to run.


I never thaught about why fortnite suddenly blossomed into what it is today. Now to think about it COD has been stale and as you said uninnovative (made a new word) which has led gamers to be hungry for something fresh and worthwhile.


Fortnite is fun man you can’t just hate on it for being goofy or hyped. Thats the whole point of it! Think of them fire dance moves :wink:




Fortnite is WoW for people who think they’re too cool for WoW


Hows this make any sense at all? Like could you explain your statemeant?


They both suck

Theyve been overshadowed by Totally Accurate Battleground



Pubg is my Favorite out of the two, but i think they are both fun.


When fortnite was released it was clearly a clone trying to copy pub and jumping in on the BR hype… jump almost a year later and it’s not even close besides the genre to pubg and I believe people can have the best of both worlds (fortnite is free after all). Personally having a shitty pc,can’t really run pub as it is unoptimized as sh*t. Fortnite seems to be nourished better by Epic games and they seem to be a more open/good company. No bs loot crates,though at times, the fortnite skins are reallly pricey. But in
the end you know what your buying. About the
actual gameplay/core mechanics, it is obvious PUbG is a more serious game and I find it to be more exhilarating. Fortnite has your heart beating so fast sometimes though especially in a top 3 situation. I strive for that feeling in games and makes me feel like a kid again playing some high round zombies in COD. Tbh PUBG is worth it but they seem to be going down an Activision or EA path. I will explain more on the “Pubg Corp vs epic games” case in a later post but basically pubg Corp have become power hungry, even trying to shut down a game admittingly staying that they took inspiration from pubg. ATM fortnite is a better game imo, even though it’s fanbase is cringey. After all…Fortnite wouldn’t be popular if it was good right?..guys?