Clash Royale



Does anyone play clash royale I just creates a clan and in look for members


Yes, actually! I own OMEGA, a clan with 42,000 trophies at its peak. We are in silver 3 and are in the Top 200 Clan War Clans in the United States. Come join, I’m recruiting players at 4K+ trophies.


What no way! Ava owns the whole economy lol Ay let me get in, i’m only at 3,862 :roll_eyes:


I only got like 2200 lol


In June 2018?



I am at 2600 coc is better tho


Nah, you’re out of your 2012 mind. Clash Royale is much better in every way possible :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah bro clash of clans will die soon and it will be a better game still Clash Royale already died imo XD


Clash of clans is way better